Ride With Locals is a fully licensed motorbike tour operator organizing motorcycle tours in the highlands of Iceland. We arrange different types of trips for people who love to drive through our unique and spectacular terrain. Equipped with KTM 690 R and Husqvarna 701 dual sport bikes and

expert guides, we specialize in tour design, unforgettable excursions and excellent service. Leave your bike at home, bring your gear and Ride With Locals enjoying a. Breathtaking Scenery, you will be deeply touched by the amazing beauty and mystery of Iceland’s otherworldly nature. b. Secret Highland Gravel Roads, our local guides have been riding into and mapping the Iceland highlands for decades and know all the trails. c. Vast Epic Open Spaces, find yourself in the middle of nowhere since in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.

Strokkhólsvegi 7, Selfoss, 801, Ισλανδία
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