Our resort is located at 750m, above sea level, in North Thailand close to Mekong river and Laos. Surrounded by 6 high mountains reaching levels of almost 1.700m, each one of them is an offroad- wander- and trekking paradise ! Our land is located directly at the entrance of the well known

"Phu Luang Wild Life Sanctuary" sizing about 850 squarekilometers. Our mountainous city of “Phu Rua”, 10 minutes by car, offers a lot of nightlife during high-season (november tlll april) while the bigger "Loei" is only 35 km down on an amazing street. Thailand have a lot of festival days too! In “Loei” every night, all over the year, is a nightlife. Here is the best offroad-area in Thailand with endless possibilities. Here is also one of the best areas for streetbiking as our amazing mountain streets offer very low traffic and amazing views along your way. In our paradise options are endless.

Address: Unnamed Road ,Tambon San Tom,42160,Ταϊλάνδη
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