Rob and Dafne started Ride-on MotorTours in 2002, aiming to share their love for motorcycle travelling with those who like to join the adventures. Both have driven more than a million kilometers using more than 100 different engines. It is their aim to share their endless passion for moto travel and all the beautiful adventures you

experience on around the world with like-minded people. Rob and Dafne always accompany their travels and they find it important that everyone must travel on their own way and can do their own things in order to guarantee the freedom and spirit of traveling by motorcycle. Groups are often international, various origin, forming one more extra interest. During journeys, people usually ride in small groups. Ride-on Motor Tours is for the real motor traveler. Rob and Dafne are professionals with a lot of experience in the field on long-distance travel. Apart from organizing trips, they also work free-lance for Dutch and foreign motorbikers publications, so if you travel with them, there is a chance that not only the stories about the journey you made with them, but also your photo and / or name appears in a motorcycle magazine.

's-Heerenbergseweg 10, Zeddam, 7038 CC, Ολλανδία
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