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Enduring ASD

The Enduring ASD was formed in 2018 by a group of friends of extreme sports enthusiasts with many years of experience in the participation and organization of competitions Enduro, Motorally, Baja, 4 × 4, MTB . Enduring ASD avails itself of the external collaboration of consultants and scouts operating all over the world in search of the most adrenaline-filled

and adventurous itineraries to propose as activities dedicated to its members. One of these external collaborators is Ugo Filosa , multi-champion of Enduro, Motorally, Baja and Rally Auto with proven expertise both in choosing routes, and in teaching newcomers how to take their first steps into the wonderful world of the Off-Road. From his experiences during the races, the Enduring ASD draws inspiration to offer its members adventurous activities in Italy, Spain, Greece, Albania, Morocco, Tunisia, Bulgaria and Croatia. Starting from 2019 , the Enduring ASD proposes a new event formula with an itinerary to follow, respecting the roadmaps to make the experience lived even more adrenaline. The formula takes the name of the same ASD as an absolute novelty in the world of extreme sports.

Via di Vigna Stelluti 157, Roma, 00191, Italy
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