Stelios Valtzis

Stelios Valtzis

Wharariki Beach. The north-facing sandy beach is accessible only via a 20-minute walking track from the end of Wharariki Road. The road end is approximately 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) from the nearest settlement, the small village of Puponga. A camping ground is located along Wharariki Road, but the

Papigo (Greek: Πάπιγκο) is part of the municipality of Zagori located in the Vikos–Aoös National Park. Papingo consists of two villages: Megalo Papigo (Greek: Μεγάλο Πάπιγκο) and Mikro Papigo (Greek: Μικρό Πάπιγκο), greater and lesser Papingo. There is a single road that provides access first to Megalo Papigo and

Lake of the Ozarks is a reservoir created by impounding the Osage River in the northern part of the Ozarks in central Missouri. The lake's serpentine shape has earned it the nickname "Puff The Magic Dragon", which has in turn inspired the names of local institutions such as The Magic Dragon Street Meet. Process of

Sage Hen Hill Road is situated in the heart of Oregon state. This is a FREE camping spot !! This primitive campground is the perfect place to be alone. With no one around, the campsite offers incredible stargazing when the sky is clear. There is no cell service and lots of space. It is down a dirt road, so make sure to

Spring Creek Campground is located 14 miles outside of La Grande. This is a FREE camping spot !! At this site, you will be surrounded by pine trees and close to a beautiful open meadow. This is an easily accessed campground with four sites, which all have picnic tables and fire rings. There is also a vaulted toilet. This

Burnt Ranch Road is 5 miles from Mitchell. This is a FREE camping spot !! It is open seasonally due to snow levels. After driving on a dirt road that can be a little steep, it levels out into a beautiful spot in the hills. There are no signs and can be a bit tricky to navigate for the larger RV’s. But well worth the

Annie Creek Sno-Park is situated just outside of Crater Lake National Park. This is a FREE camping spot !! During the winter, this is a popular spot for winter sports. During the summer, it is a paved parking lot for free camping. There is a log warming shelter equipped with a wood-burning stove available for use

Mount Ashland Campground is 18 miles outside of Ashland. This a FREE camping spot !! This campground offers incredible views, trails, and wildflowers in the spring. It is open June – October, depending on snow levels. There are a total of 9 sites that allow campfires and can reportedly fit a 28′ RV. There is no

Skull Creek Campground is close to Glendale. This is a FREE camping spot !! This campground is most busy during hunting season. It offers five established camping sites, all with campfire rings and tables. There are also vault toilets. Keep in mind, no cell service is available; Making it a great getaway if you

Hult Pond is outside of Eugene. It is a FREE camping spot !! This primitive campground is the perfect place to escape life’s business to sit by the lake, go hiking, and fishing. This campground has no cell service. A cell booster may help in remote areas. There’s lots of space between camping spots that will make it