Lake Izabal

Lake Izabal also known as the Golfo Dulce, is the largest lake in Guatemala with a surface area of 589.6 km² (145,693 acres or 227.6 sq mi) and a maximum depth is 18 m (59 ft). The Polochic River is the largest river that drains into the lake. The lake, which is only a metre
above sea level, drains into the Gulf of Honduras of the Caribbean Sea through the smaller Golfete Dulce, which is at sea level, and the navigable Rio Dulce. There are many indigenous communities surrounding the lake, namely the Mayas Q'eqchi'. It is home to several species including the Manatee, Jaguar, Spider Monkey, Blue-eye cichlids, and Howler Monkey, and is a popular place for birdwatching.
Lake Izabal , Guatemala
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