Smith Dorrien Trail also known as Highway 742 is a very scenic gravel ride, 62km long, through the scenic Smith-Dorrien Valley. The ride connects town of Canmore and Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. Highest point of the road is the Smith-Dorrien Pass, at 1.905m (6,250ft). It’s pretty easy to drive, no need for an SUV. The drive is definitely worth it. There are

Gray Creek Pass /  high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.072m from Kimberley to Crawford Bay. 90km of gravel. Extremely rough, narrow and steep with grades up to 16%. Recommend only for high clearance vehicles.

107 / Punta Olimpica / high mountain pass and tunnel at 4.732m (15,525ft) within the Peru's Hautecam National Park. It's one of the highest mountain passes and most spectacular roads in Peru, drivable by car.

Quebrada Allane

Quebrada Allane. Some call it Chilian Grand Canyon but it is not even close to the same. Quite large and colorful, with a decent little river running through it. The road surface is still very high, well over 4,000 meters and at points near 4,600m. (even though the road sign says 5,250m). Rest assured, very few Chileans, let alone foreigners, ever

Abra del Acay in La Poma Department, Salta Province, Argentina is the highest point in Argentina's National Route 40. It's altitude is 4,972m, even though an old sign informs visitors it stands at 4,895m. The Abra del Acay is approximately 25km distance southeast from San Antonio de los Cobres, although the direct route by road is

Sani Pass, elevation 2876m, is a mountain pass and border point between South Africa and Lesotho. The route up Sani Pass starts at 1544 m, and climbs 1332 vertical metres to an altitude of 2876 m. The road is a steep gravel road with gradients up to 1:3, which can be difficult to drive in bad weather and may be

Khunjerab Pass, elevation 4.880m, is a high mountain pass in the Karakoram Mountains in a strategic position on the border of Pakistan and China. The Khunjerab Pass is the highest paved international border crossing in the world and the highest point on the Karakoram Highway. The roadway across the pass has superseded the unpaved

Paso de San Francisco or San Francisco Pass is an international high mountain pass, altitude at 4.726m (15.505ft), over the Andes mountains that connects Argentina and Chile. In the Argentine side, route N 60 is a paved road, ascends from Fiambala at 1,505 m (4,938 ft) in a deep valley formed by 5,000-metre (16,000 ft) mountains. In the last

Gaislachkoglbahn is a high mountain peak, elevation 3.018m, in the Ötztal Alps. It’s one of the highest roads in Europe. The road to the summit is a very challenging, extremely steep and long single-track. It is impassable from October to June. The ground in the upper half is characterized by very rough rocks. This runway is

The Greitspitz, elevation 2,871m, is a mountain peak located on the border between Switzerland and Austria. It’s one of the highest roads of Europe. Located within the Samnaun Alps, the road to the summit is rocky and gravel. It’s a chairlift access trail. The slope is very steep, consists of loose stones and becomes even steeper