Abra Arcata / High mountain pass at 5.101m (16,735ft). Road is gravel but in good condition. One section is inside a mine. One of the highest mountain roads in Peru.

111 / Abra Huacullo / high mountain pass at 5.016m (16,456 ft) within Wansu mountain range. Road is gravel with sandy sections, some hairpin turns. It's one of the highest mountain roads of Peru.

Abra Loncopata / high mountain pass at 5.119 m (16,795 ft). The road includes some 20% gradient sections. One of the highest mountain roads of Peru. Very steep and no traffic at all. Gorgeous scenery.

La Rinconada

La Rinconada / High mountain town at 5.130m (16,830ft). It is one of the highest elevation human habitation in the world. Road is gravel, rocky, steep in some sections. Regarded as one of the highest mountain roads in the country.

Abra Azuca / high mountain pass at 5.130m (16,830ft), from Laguna Huacullo (31kms) and Abra Anabi (39kms). It's one of the highest mountain roads of Peru. 

107 / Punta Olimpica / high mountain pass and tunnel at 4.732m (15,525ft) within the Peru's Hautecam National Park. It's one of the highest mountain passes and most spectacular roads in Peru, drivable by car.

28 D / Abra Huayraccasa / High mountain pass at 5.059m (16.597ft). It is  one of the highest mountain roads of the country. The road over the pass is asphalted, pretty narrow and steep. Extreme care after rains or snowfalls.

1 S / Abra Patapampa or Abra Pata Pampa / High mountain pass at 4.910m (16,109ft). It is rergarded as the highest paved pass in the Americas. It is asphalted but as you close at high elevations many loose-gravel breaks appear.

111 / Abra Culipampa / high mountain pass at 5.024m (16,482ft). One of the highest mountain roads of Peru.

Cerro Chajnantor is a high mountain peak at 5.635m (18,487ft) in the high Atacama region. One of the highest roads of South America.