Cerro Santa Isabel / high mountain peak at 5.153m, 

Mullu Apachita / high mountain pass at 5.018m

Curiquinca / stratovolcano at 5.625m. Of the highest roads in the country.

Ch'iyar Qirini / high mountain peak at 5.194m

San Antonio de Lipez / ghost town in Andes landscape at 4.758m, actually an abandoned mining town that once used to have 150,000 inhabitants

Mina Bolivar / a mine at 5.161m, one of the world’s 10 highest mines

Rit'i Apachita / high mountain peak at 4.792m

Cerro Gigante / high mountain pass at 5.286m

Cerro Toco / stratovolcano at 5,416m, hosts some of the highest telescopes in the world, very steep.

Abra Tres Cruces / high mountain pass at 4.729m, from Caxata To Quime, the climb from Konani is on tarmac and is rarely steep, most of the descent is unpaved