Volovets Pass or Pereval Volovets'kyy

Volovets Pass is a mountain pass in the north-eastern Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine through the Vodorazdel'nyy backbone. Its crest is at 1,014metres height. It is located on the border of Skole Raion of the Lviv Oblast and the Volovets Raion of the Zakarpattia Oblast, on the watershed of the rivers Opir and Viche. The southern slope

of the pass is steep, while the northern flank is declivous. It consists of sandstones and slates. Volovets Pass is only sparsely populated with meadows dominating the landscape. Below the mountain pass there is a system of railway tunnels connecting Mukachevo and Stryj. Automobile traffic across the pass is impossible since the road is too difficult to traverse. The nearest settlements are Oporec and Skotarskoe.

Unnamed Road , Ουκρανία
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