The Austrian Road, a unique natural historical treasure, 60km requiring about 5h of hard riding, was built by Austrian prisoners during WW1 in 1915. It leads you up to several mountain passes, including Burkhatskiy Pass at 2.137m and Alatajsky Pass at 1.792m, and towards Lake Markakol at 1.445m. The ride is

unique and famous for its beauty. It is a gravel road and depending on weather conditions, heavy rains or snowstorms, may become impassable by all means including 4x4 vehicles. Placed within the Katon-Karagaisky State National Nature Park it crosses 16 bridges, endless number hairpin turns and many drops of hundreds of meters. Unfortunately some bridges collapsed over the years requiring river crossing too. Since so it is good to take advice before attempting to ride from one end to the other.

Unnamed Road , 070000, Καζακστάν
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