A 17 / Zhezkazgan to Kyzylorda

A17 is a, 430km long, spectacular drive connecting cities of Zhezkazgan and Kyzylorda. The land through this area varies between steppe and desert resulting to inhospitable landscape. Surface includes paved and unpaved sections with big potholes. It is lightly maintaned due to extra conditions, desert climate

weather phenomenon, resulting in extra heat during day time with extra cold during night. Sun is almost melting the surface of it. Nevetheless it is really wide. Starting from Zhezkazgan the first 130km are good asphalt, next 200km nice dirt enabling to push speeds up to 80km/h, last 100km-ish is asphalt which varies in quality. This is total wilderness, a nice drive. Due its unique location and passing through remote areas, it is important when driving in these conditions to be prepared. The roads at the outskirts of Kzyl-Orda are terrible.

A17 , 100000, Καζακστάν
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