Cinnamon Pass

Placed on Colorado’s historic Alpine Loop, Cinnamon Pass sits 12,640ft or 3.852m. The breathtaking views along the challenging journey make it worth the ride. During the gold rush of Colorado, Cinnamon pass was used to reach the town of
Silverton. Later Cinnamon Pass conneced Lake City with the Animas Valley. Mining towns around Cinnamon Pass began to disappear in the early 1900’s. There is a parking lot to stop and enjoy the scenery at the summit. The ascent of the pass from the west side is challenging, with steep and rocky terrain that can be extremely tough in wet conditions. East of the summit, Cinnamon Pass Road is easier, but an off road, high clearance vehicle is still required. Cinnamon Pass is very dangerous in snowy conditions and is usually closed to vehicles from October until late May. Access to Cinnamon Pass requires a 4WD high clearance vehicle. It is rated as a moderate offroad trail and may not be best for beginners. -
County Road 30 , Lake City, 81235, Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες
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