Rollins Pass, elevation 11,676 ft (3,559 m), is a mountain pass and active archaeological site in the Southern Rocky Mountains. Plans to convert Rollins Pass into an historic automobile road were first published in November 1949. From
1956–1979, Rollins Pass served as a complete road over the mountain pass but structural problems of Needle's Eye Tunnel resulted to closure from 1990 till today, effectively making each side a dead-end uphill route that must be traveled again, downhill, to leave the pass. Two main routes exist in order to reach summit. East ascent from Rollinsville and west ascent from Winter Park. Due to high altitude many people can suffer from rapid dehydration and altitude sickness. There are no facilities, shops, restrooms, call boxes, water fountains, trash receptacles, nor shelters located on either side of the pass. The only exception is the Årestua Hut, located on the east side of Rollins Pass. The small hut was constructed 51 years ago and is open year-round.
Corona Pass Road , Nederland, 80466, Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες
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