Bocchetta della Boscarola

The Bocchetta della Boscarola (1,423 m asl ) is an alpine pass that connects the Val Sessera with Scopello and the Alpe di Mera. The pass consists of a deep open incision between Monte Camparient (1,742 m) and Cima della Mora (1,937 m). The valley that
rises to the hill from the Valsesian side is bathed by the Boscarola stream, a tributary of the Sesia , while the more modest Rio Stramba descends towards the Valsessera. The pass can be reached from Bocchetto di Sessera or Scopello with a dirt road closed to motorized traffic for most of its development. The area was of considerable importance during the Resistance. In the winter of 1944 the pastures around the hill served as a refuge for the partisans of the Garibaldi brigade "Bandiera", who had been forced to leave the town of Rassa by a heavy Nazi-Fascist attack.
Unnamed Road , 13835, Ιταλία
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