389 / Baie Comeau To Fermont

Highway 389 links Fermont and Baie-Comeau. It is a very challenging 567km drive, narrow and twisty in places, and with few services provided. Mobile communication is not at all good too. This road alternates between sections of asphalt (narrow and winding) and
gravel (various states of quality). Due to adverse conditions unpredictable snowstorms and blizzards may occur any time especially in winter time. Section 1: Baie-Comeau to Manic (213 km), paved road but narrow and twisted. Section 2: Manic to Relais Gabriel (104 km), gravel road in poor condition, narrow and twisted. Section 3: Relais-Gabriel to Gagnon (77 km), paved road in good condition. Section 4: Gagnon to Fire Lake (101 km), paved road, poor condition. Section 5: Fire Lake to Mount Wright (52 km), gravel road, very poor condition, very narrow and twisted. Section 6: Mount Wright to Fermont (17 km), paved road in good condition. In almost 20km more you meet Labrador City, paved road, you link with the 540km Trans-Labrador Highway on your way to Happy Valley-Goose Bay!
Québec 389 , Relais-Gabriel, G0H, Καναδάς
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