Telegraph Creek Road / Telegraph Creek To Dease Lake

Telegraph Creek Road, 108km (64m), one of the best Off-Road journeys in British Columbia. This steep, gradients up to 20%, mountain road links Dease Lake and Telegraph Creek, a small, mostly native settlement. Due its unique location and passing through
remote areas, it is important when driving in these conditions to be prepared. At Km 4.7 the pavement ends, then you cross over a cattle guard and head into the wilderness. The road surface is comprised of compacted dirt with light gravel, this means it will get slick when wet. It’s narrow in parts along canyon walls with no guardrails, and sharp-angled switchbacks. High risk of rock slides. The journey offers stunning views of the Stikine River. With sharp cliffs down to the water there are countless places to get that perfect postcard photo. The road is not recommended to large RVs and trailers but is suitable for most vehicles.
Telegraph Creek Road , Atlin, V0W, Καναδάς
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