The Suru Valley is a valley in Kargil District. It is drained by the Suru River, a powerful tributary of the Indus River. The valley's most significant town is Sankoo. Suru Valley is famous for its beauty. There are many picnic spots in Suru Valley such as
Damsna, Parkachik, Sangra, Karpokhar, Khous, Thulus, Stakpa, Umba Namsuru etc. Karpokhar Holy Shrine (Syed Mir Hashim), Khous Holy Shrine & Sanku Holy Shrine (Syed Haider) are famous for prayer in Suru Valley. Horses, Yaks and other variety of animals can be found living in the valley. In winter Suru Valley experiences heavy snowfall and avalanches. The literacy rate of Suru Valley is very low as compared to other parts of Ladakh. Suru Valley is beautiful but still backward due to ignorance of govt & unavailability of infrastructure. The Suru valley is inhabited by 25,000 by people of Dard and Tibetan descent.
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