Steens Mountain Road

Steens Mountain road sits entirely within Steens Mountain Wilderness, claimed as the highest but real gem road of Oregon, is leading at an elevation of 2.968m (9,737ft). Route, starts at OR-205 road, near Frenchglen, is 43.61km (27.1 miles) long. The road is bumpy in
places but much has been upgraded and improved. Weather permitting road is open from from mid-June to October. Enjoy the spectacular views of the region, including Wildhorse Lake, Keigor Gorge, Steens Summit and the Riddle Brothers Ranch National Historic District campgrounds. Region is regarded as a premier recreation destination in Southeast Oregon and an iconic part of the Oregon's High Desert landscape. Route is steep with an average gradient of 3.87%. Be aware of ticks, mosquitoes, and rattlesnakes during spring and summer. Be prepared for sudden lightning storms, snow, rain, and high winds.
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