County Road 258 (Norwegian: Fylkesvei 258), also known as Gamle Strynefjellsvegen, is a 27-kilometre (17 mi) long road that runs through the Videdalen valley between the village of Grotli in Skjåk Municipality and the village of Ospeli in Stryn Municipality. The road opened in 1894, but was replaced by National Road 15 in

243 /  Aurlandsfjellet Route or Aurlandsvangen to Lærdalsøyri

27 / Rondane National Tourist Route

The Sognefjellsvegen or Sognefjellsveien is the highest mountain pass road in Northern Europe. It is a national tourist road and starts in the village of Lom, it then travels over the Sognefjell mountain area, and it ends in the village of Gaupne. The road was opened on 1938. The road passes through the Jotunheimen, Hurrungane, and Breheimen mountains. The highest point

E 75 + 341 / Varanger Route or Varangerbotn to Hamningberg

The Lysevegen Road, FV500, is considered one of the most breathtaking roads in Europe and it all starts with the narrow road up the steep walls of the Lysefjord, Norway. The road includes 27 challenging hairpins and a 1.1 km long tunnel at the bottom which also has 3 switchbacks inside to make things even more