The Basque Mountains are a range situated in the northern Iberian Peninsula. Geographically it is considered as the eastern section of the larger Cantabrian Range. The range runs through the Basque Autonomous Community and western Navarre. In the inner range the main massifs from west to east are: Sierra Salvada (Orduña). Mounts of Vitoria, the most important is Kapildui (1,177 m). Izki. Urbasa, a 1,000 m high plateau. Andía, with the impressive Beriain (1,493 m). In the coastal range its main massifs from west to east are: Gorbea (Gorbeia) 1,481 m, maximum height of Biscay. Urkiola, Anboto (1,331 m) being its highest peak. Elgea. Aizkorri. Altzania, the Aratz is the maximum height (1,442 m). Aralar, its most known peak being Txindoki (1,346 m).

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