Acacus Mountains or Tadrart Akakus Featured

Acacus Mountains or Tadrart Akakus (Arabic: تدرارت أكاكوس‎ / ALA-LC: Tadrārt Akākūs) form a mountain range in the desert close to Ghat city. The area has a particularly rich array of prehistoric rock art. The area was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. The paintings date from 12,000 BCE to 100 CE. and

reflect cultural and natural changes in the area. The Tadrart Acacus have a large variation of landscapes, from different-coloured dunes to arches, gorges, isolated rocks and deep wadis (ravines). Major landmarks include the arches of Afzejare and Tin Khlega. Although this area is one of the most arid in the Sahara, there is vegetation, such as the medicinal Calotropis procera, and there are a number of springs and wells in the mountains.

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