Valmiki Tiger Reserve comprises the National Park and the Wildlife Sanctuary. The landscape of VTR encompasses foothills ranges of Himalayan Sivaliks with mosaic of the cliffs, ridges, gorges, hills, streams and valleys; dense forests, open woodlands, grasslands,
swamps and riverine fringe. The wildlife found in the forest of VTR are the Bengal tiger (as of 2018 there were 40), Indian rhinoceros, Asiatic black bear, Indian sloth bear, otter, Indian leopard, wild dog, wild water buffalo, and wild boar. You may also observe several kinds of reptile, birds and butterflies. For flora enthusiasts there are seven forest types found in VTR, which makes VTR a special destination for nature lovers. The Valmiki landscape harbors vivid socio-cultural diversity. ‘Tharu’, a scheduled tribe, is the dominant community in the landscape.
Unnamed Road , Gobrahia, 845106, Ινδία
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