Palacio de los Reyes de Navarra Featured

The Palace of the Kings of Navarre of Olite or Royal Palace of Olite is a castle-palace. It was one of the seats of the Court of the Kingdom of Navarre, since its union with Castile (1512). This monument was quite damaged in 1813 by a fire. It was largely restored from 1937 in works that

lasted for 30 years. The restoration work was completed in 1967 and was paid by the Foral Government of Navarre. The fortification is both castle and palace, although it was built more like a courtier building to fulfill a military function. On an ancient Roman fortification was built during 13th century. The Palace of the Kings of Navarre of Olite (castle palace of Olite) consists of three cores: the Old Palace, the New Palace and the church iglesia de Santa María la Real.

Carretera de la Zona Media Palacio de los Reyes de Navarra, Olite, Ισπανία
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