Gemmi Pass is a high mountain pass, elevation 2.270m, BUT cannot be traversed by road. It is still directly accessible by cablecar from Leukerbad. Alternatively, the pass can be reached by a two-hour dramatic hike on foot. The pass lies between the Daubenhorn (2942m) in the west and the Rinderhorn (3448m) in the east. The

pass is at the west end of the Aar Massif and at the east end of the Wildstrubel Massif. Near the pass is the Daubensee, which has no outlet above ground. The pass is mentioned in the Sherlock Holmes story The Final Problem and is described by Guy de Maupassant in his short-story L'Auberge. The trail over the Gemmi Pass is very popular with hikers both in summer and in winter. The pass itself is also used as a vantage point, because of the view of some major peaks in the Pennine Alps, such as the Dom, Matterhorn, Weisshorn and Dent Blanche.

Address: Unnamed Road ,Leukerbad,3954,Ελβετία
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