Gran Bajo de San Julián

Gran Bajo de San Julián is an endorheic basin located in the east of the province of Santa Cruz in Argentina. Its lowest point, the Laguna Coal , with 107m under the sea level, is the biggest depression of the hemispheres South and West , and 7th to depression in order of depth of the earth 's surface. The geological area,

​​approximately 2,900km 2 and 30km in diameter , is located about 50 km west of Puerto San Julián , on the gulf of the same name, which is one of the first places of landfall for explorers European. In fact Hernando de Magallanes landed there at the end of March 1520 and remained all winter until August 1521 . During that stay, impressed by the corpulence of the natives, he gave them the name of Patagonians , which later would be used to designate the entire region .

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