Quebrada Allane. Some call it Chilian Grand Canyon but it is not even close to the same. Quite large and colorful, with a decent little river running through it. The road surface is still very high, well over 4,000 meters and at points near 4,600m. (even though the road sign says 5,250m). Rest assured, very few Chileans, let alone foreigners, ever

make it to Allane Canyon. However, it is certainly worth visiting in conjunction with other destinations like Putre, Visviri, the beautiful Tacora volcano at 5,988m and also rarely visited, Lago Chungará and other flamingoed lakes. It is hard to breathe so high up, making hiking the canyon a chore. The roadway has points that are impassable for most vehicles when it rains a lot and the river depth over the roadway make passage prohibitive. There are  no facilities for tourists like restaurants or decent restrooms. There are no markets or places to buy supplies. There probably are not more than 300 people able to help you when in difficulty in a 50km radius, and nearly all of them are indigenous people who likely do not drive or understand modern methods or means of cummunications, transportation and medical care. It is wide-open, almost untouched and pristine beauty. I suppose that is one thing that makes it special and worth visiting for a few hours.

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