Chiiwa-kyo Mountain Gorge

Chiiwa-kyo is a range of gorges spanning four kilometers in the upper reaches of the Chiiwa River, a tributary of the Ure River. Situated in the Tenryu-Okumikawa Quasi-National Park, this area has many steep and rocky hills and mountains, and is therefore also known as a mecca of free climbing (although you need to

be careful not to disturb your surroundings because these rocky mountains are protected by law). The highlight of Chiiwa-kyo is the 670m. Mt. Chiiwa, which has a lot of caves, large and small, but sometimes we need to climb almost vertically to reach some of them. Legend has it that a starved child of a traveller survived by drinking the dew dripping from the breast-like rock.

Unnamed Road , Shinshiro, 441-1601, Ιαπωνία
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