The Castle of Sortelha (Portuguese: Castelo de Sortelha) is a castle in the civil parish of Sortelha in the municipality of Sabugal. It is as a classified as a National Monument. It is considered the oldest constructed Romanesque castle located in
the Beira Interior region. The isolated castle is located in an urban area, implanted on a hilltop between the Serra da Malcata and Serra da Pena, at approximately 786 metres (2,579 ft) above sea level. The building overlooks the small town of Sortelha and the valley, with its southern flank comprising inaccessible cliffs. It is integrated into the urban area, totally encircled by a line of fortified walls and situated on the southeastern elevation. Most of the landscape is surrounded by rocky hills, dominated by large granite boulders and medium-elevation shrubbery.
Rua do Encontro 2A, Sortelha, 6320-530, Πορτογαλία
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