Buracas do Casmilo

The Buracas the Casmilo are an interesting geological formation that can be visited in the municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova. On the road that connects the hill of Senhora do Círculo to Serra de Janeanes we find the village of Casmilo. Entering the village and following a
path marked by the karst landscape of limestone, we find Buracas do Casmilo. Flanked by large cliffs, this interesting geological formation corresponds to what remains of several rooms of a cave existing inside the mound, resulting from the lowering of the central part of a pipeline that left its extreme lateral parts uncovered. Buracas do Casmilo and all its surrounding area are very popular for outdoor activities, namely, climbing , mountaineering , orienteering , rappel and camping .
, Soure, 3130, Πορτογαλία
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