The Trou de Bozouls is a horseshoe-shaped gorge, 400 m in diameter and more than 100m deep, located in the middle of municipality of Bozouls. This steep- sided meander was dug by the erosive action of the running waters of the Dourdou. The architectural heritage of
the town of Bozouls includes four buildings protected as historical monuments: the Sainte-Fauste church, listed in 1920, the Sainte-Fauste church in Aboul located in the hamlet of the same name, listed in 1987, the dolmen de la Fontaine-aux-Chiens, inscribed in 1994, and the monastic barn of Séveyrac, inscribed in 2003.
Place de la Mairie , Bozouls, 12340, Γαλλία
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