From Honey To Tlacuilotepec. This is is a very scenic impressive tropical lush and forest road offering great views of waterfalls, mountain cliffs, canyons mission churches and more. Starting at Honey at an elevation of 2.140 masl, the road dramatically descends into
The natural beauty of this area is spectacular, full of pine trees, rock formations and even mountain resort historic towns that once were XIX century mines, open to public for visit. This area is prone to sudden weather changes and fog, snow or constant rain
This drive offers scenic views of the desert mountains, mines and colonial city of Zacatecas, Guadalupe City and Vetagrande township. There are several attractions along the way such as overview points, colonial churches, museum, observatory and even an cable car tram (cableway) that communicates Cerro de la Buda to Cerro del Grillo where a tourist mine is located. This road also offers stunning views of the adjacent valleys of Zacatecas city, such to Calera and towards Guadalupe. The highest point of this road is near Vetagrande at 2.680 meters above sea level, where a pass and dirt overview is located.
Located in central Mexico, within the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, Carrretera a Bucareli is a dirt/gravel road that offers stunning views of Bucareli canyon and town. This town hosts one of the oldest churches in the country in ruins. To access this area, you
Road 53 from Metepec To San Gregorio is a very scenic drive at the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains in Hidalgo state. Route requires attention due to its steep grade inclinations, some hairpinned curves, bad road conditions and dramatically changes of elevation. In return
Road 54 from Guadalajara To Ixtlahuacán del Río. Route crosses the Huentitan canyon, a scenic route, departing from Guadalajara, at 1.520m (4,986ft) above the sea level. Road goes down to the canyon river at 920m, with some great views of the canyon and
A very scenic route between forest and rock formations.
A very scenic route that connects the Ozolotepec villages of, Santo Domingo Ozolotepec, San Juan Ozolotepec and San Francisco Ozolotepec. There is a difficult part between Santo Domingo and San Juan, where the roads narrows into the edge of the canyon and mountain, where only one vehicle can barely traverse, another dangerous section are some steep switchbacks near San Francisco where the road goes to the bottom of the canyon.
From Mezquitic To Monte Escobedo is a scenic drive of long valleys and some hills. The asphalted road departs from Monte Escobedo, Zacatecas (2200 masl) to a small community in a mesa mountain at 1930 masl, then continues to descend to Mezquitic, Jalisco at 1350 masl.
Tlacolula de Motamoros To San Juan Petlapa. This is one of the most challenging and scenics routes in Mexico. Route ascends dramatically into the mountains towards Cuajimoloyas at 3170m in just 20klm. Rough paved road descends again to