Road 2 b from Weggis To Ingenbohl. A very scenic route, not lot of traffic, of the best points to admire the lake and its surroundings.
Hole in the Wall Road
101 / Lake Crescent Highway / Olympic Highway
Pinkham Canyon-Thermal Canyon Road
143 / Patchwork Parkway Scenicy Byway
191 + 193 / Foote's Crossing Road. A very scenic drive between Nevada and Sierra County. The road is narrow, steep, twisting and potentially hazardous winding through the Tahoe National Forest. Foote's Crossing Road is designed as Road 191 (in Sierra County) and Road
Bill Moore Lake. A 4x4 wheel and high clearance vehicle is recommended.
89 / Luther Pass
Bald Hills Road
89 / Lassen Volcanic National Highway