Side is an ancient Greek city on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, a resort town and one of the best-known classical sites in the country. It lies near Manavgat and the village of Selimiye, 78 km from Antalya in the province of Antalya. It is located on the eastern part of the Pamphylian coast, which lies about 20 km east of the mouth of

the Eurymedon River. Today, as in antiquity, the ancient city is situated on a small north-south peninsula about 1 km long and 400 m across. From Strabo and Arrian to Alexander the Great and from Romans to Ecclesiastical history, the great ruins of Side are among the most notable in Asia Minor. Turkish archaeologists have been excavating Side since 1947 and intermittently continue to do so.

Liman Caddesi , 07330, Τουρκία
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