Erg Chegaga or Chigaga

Erg Chigaga or Erg Chegaga, is the largest and wildest but still untouched of the major ergs in Morocco. This erg made of beautiful dunes is located about 45 km west of the small rural oasis town of M'Hamid El Ghizlane, itself located about 98 km south of the town of Zagora. Some dunes are over 50m above the surrounding landscape and with

an area of approximately 35 km by 15 km. Because it is relatively difficult to access, Erg Chigaga remains significantly less visited than Erg Chebbi. For this reason Erg Chigaga is considered more romantic and overall reputed a beloved set by purists and artists like landscape painters and fineart photographers. Route is not obvious and unless you have a GPS navigation system and relevant waypoints you are advised to engage a local guide. This is not an actual spot. It is a whole area. Driving around may result in loosing orientation since no roads or signs exist.

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