Thuburbo Majus or Thuburbo Maius

Thuburbo Majus (or Thuburbo Maius) is a large Roman site in northern Tunisia. It is located roughly 60 km southwest of Carthage on a major African thoroughfare. This thoroughfare connects Carthage to the Sahara. Other towns along the way included Sbiba, Sufes, Sbeitla, and Sufetula. Parts of the old Roman road are in

ruins, but others do remain. Thuburbo Majus or Colonia Julia Aurelia Commoda, its Roman name, was originally a Punic town, later founded as a Roman veteran colony by Augustus in 27 BC. This town does not have fully restored buildings, but there are remains of a forum, the amphitheatre, temples, baths, houses, and other sites.

Unnamed Road , Τυνησία
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