Passo dello Spluga or Splugen Pass

The Splügen Pass (German: Splügenpass; Italian: Passo dello Spluga; 2,114 m (6,936 ft)) is an Alpine mountain pass of the Lepontine Alps. It connects the Swiss, Grisonian Splügen 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) to the north 675 metres (2,215 ft) below the pass with the
Italian Chiavenna 21 kilometres (13 mi) to the south at the end of the Valle San Giacomo 1,789 metres (5,869 ft) below the pass. Since the opening of the San Bernardino road tunnel in 1967, the pass has lost its former importance; it is not kept open in winter. Thanks to its lack of importance it is now a quiet pass where essential portions of the historical roads have survived allowing a good historical review for hikers on the Via Spluga.
, Splügen, 23024, Ελβετία
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