Central Cross-Island Highway No.8 / Taroko National Park

The Central Cross-Island Highway No.8 is the one that enters you to Taroko National Park and one of the most scenic roads you may ride. Start at Intersection with Zhongxing Road No.7 ( coordinates: 24.254841, 121.246084 ) and continue all the way east to the see front. Taroko National Park was named after the Taroko Gorge, the landmark gorge of the park. Sights included: Tunnel of Nine Turns. Eternal Spring Shrine. Yentzihkou, Swallow Grotto. Chinheng Kungyuan, Park. Tsihmuchiao, The Bridge of the Kind Mother. Tienhsyang. Chueilu Tuanyah Precipice. Lioufang Chiao Bridge. Hill of Tayuling the Great. Puloh Wan.

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