N-625 / Desfiladero de los Beyos

Desfiladero de los Beyos is an amazing gorge located between Cangas de Onis and Riano. The gorge is traversed by the twisty N-625 road following the natural course of Sella River. The tarmac road is very exciting but extremely narrow. Riders are some times very exposed due to innumerable twists and turns. Landscape is characterised by the verticality of gorge's walls and the narrowing of the valley produced by the erosion of Sella River. On your way enjoy Angoyo bridge, rock formations of El Frailón and Les Monxines (locally, pica la Plana and the Four Peaks), cascade of Aguasalió and Ceneya bridge,

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N-625 , 33558, Ισπανία
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