Mount Ikoma is the highest peak in the Ikoma Mountains with a height of 642m. The road to summit includes peakes up to 24%. It is one of the most famous picnic spots in the Kansai region. On the top of the mountain, there are many TV towers for broadcasting. Mount Ikoma was an

important object of worship for ancient Japanese people. Ikoma Jinja (literally 'Shrine for Mount Ikoma') has been extant since the 5th century. The Hozan-ji temple near the summit were traditionally celebrated as national scenery. Ikoma today retains a bit of the old atmosphere with its winding, narrow streets. Ikoma nurtured lively traditional Japanese arts such as dance and varieties of Japanese music. The walk down from the mountain temple to the town is a noted area for cherry blossoms, as is the mountain itself with its Ikoma Skyline Drive developed by Kintetsu Corporation.

Address: ,Ikoma-shi,630-0231,Ιαπωνία
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