Subaru Line, a scenic toll road up Mount Fuji's lower northern slopes, that begins in Kawaguchiko Town. The toll road costs 2060 yen and may temporarily get partially closed in winter in times of heavy snow. Furthermore, the road is closed to private vehicles during the majority of the climbing season

(July 10 to September 10), during which shuttle buses operate between designated parking lots at the base of the mountain and the 5th station. The Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station provides parking lots, coin lockers and a few restaurants and shops, as it is the last chance for departing climbers to stock up on supplies at reasonable prices before they head out. Items such as hiking sticks, snacks, bottles of water and oxygen may be purchased here, although they are also available along the trail, albeit at prices that increase as you climb higher.

Address: Mt. Fuji Toll Road ,Narusawa-mura,401-0320,Ιαπωνία
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