13 / Ryfylke Route / Oanes To Roldal

Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke travels between Oanes at Lysefjorden and Roldal. At the southern part of the stretch are two ferry crossings: Lauvik-Oanes and Hjelmeland-Nesvik. From Lovra in Suldal the tourist route splits into two sections. One section travels across the Sandsfjord Bridge to

Sauda (road 520) with a short detour to Ropeid. The other section continues north (road 13) with a small detour to Høse Bridge at Sand, before it continues up Suldalslågen and Brattlandsdalen where the road sections meet at Håra – creating a round trip. Sections of the road, particularly over the mountain to Røldal, are narrow with a number of bends. There is currently no maximum length for buses but the use of shorter buses is advisable.

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