Vildmarksvägen / Strömsund to Vilhelmina

Vildmarksvägen (English: Wilderness road) is a tourist road stretching from northern Jämtland to southern Lapland, Sweden. Part of the road is closed during winter at times because of heavy snow, which can reach up to 7m. In 2012 the Frostvikens Fjällpark was open in Gäddede as part of the

Vildmarksvägen. Vildmarksvägen also hosts the Bjurälven nature reserve. The 360km route of Vildmarksvägen begins in Strömsund. It continues to the town of Gäddede and Road 342, then passes through Jormvattnet, Stora Blåsjön, and Stekenjokk, and on to Klimpfjäll. From there it continues to Kultsjön and Saxnäs via Stalon and Lake Moalgomaj, on to Vilhelmina. Parts of the road through Kalfjället are closed at times during winter because of heavy snow, and the Stekkenjokk plateau is also closed from mid-October to the beginning of June. The Vildmarksvägen crosses a region that has the greatest concentration of bears in Sweden. The area spanned by the road is very scenic and has many rivers and waterfalls.

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