Staller Saddle or Passo Stalle Featured

Staller Saddle, at 2052m, connects the Defereggen Valley in East Tyrol with the Antholz Valley in South Tyrol. The pass forms the border between Austria and Italy. The pass road is open only from May to October from 5:30 am to 22:15 and prohibited for trailers and caravans. On the Italian side it is very narrow, at points only one

way, with traffic lights regulating the contraflow. On the Austrian side, the road is not so steep. On the Italian side, the road is extremely narrow. At some points is just one way, and is prohibited for trailers and caravans. The road on this is very dangerous because the road is very narrow, with dead corners and good surface.

Address: Via Passo Stalle ,39030,Ιταλία
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