HO 3 / Araniko or Arniko Highway / Kathmandu to Kodari

The Araniko Highway (Nepali: अरनिको राजमार्ग, translit. Araniko Rajmarga) connects Kathmandu with Kodari, 115 kilometres (71 mi) northeast of the Kathmandu Valley, on the Nepal-China border. It is among the most dangerous of highways in Nepal due to extremely steep slopes on each side of the road from Barabise

onwards, massive landslides and bus plunges are not uncommon especially after rains. At the Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge, it connects with China National Highway 318 to Lhasa, and eventually to Shanghai. The Araniko Rajmarg provides Nepal's overland link with China. However, it is of limited use as an alternative route for transport of goods, as it is cheaper to ship Chinese goods via Kolkata than to truck them through China's Tibet region. These dynamics are subject to change with heavy road/rail building investment on the Tibet side.

Araniko Highway , Phulping Dandagaun, 45314, Νεπάλ
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