Skippers Bridge. The first bridge that enabled the gold miners to safely reach Skippers Point. Building of this bridge began as early as 1866. It crossed the river only 6 metres above the water and was prone to damage from flooding. It was replaced in 1871 but rebuilt at the same place.  At the time the new

road to Skippers Point was completed, plans for a new higher bridge were made. The stone approaches of the old bridge still stand and are visible from Skippers Road. Work on this new bridge began in 1898 and lasted for about 2 years. In March 1901, the bridge was officially opened. Speed limit is 15km/h. One vehicle on bridge at any one time. Bridge limit is 2.500kg. 96m long and 91m high Even though the completion of the existing Skippers Bridge was done after the gold rush was over, it is today one of the major attractions for visitors to Skippers Canyon as it spans a gorge with sheer rock faces on both sides and is about 100 metres above the river.

Address: Skippers Road 2000,Skippers,9371,Νέα Ζηλανδία
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