Jebel Jais is a mountain of the North-Western Hajar range. The summit has an elevation of 1,934 m (6,345 ft). The summit is located on the Omani side, but a high point west of this peak is considered the highest point in the United Arab Emirates, at 1,892m (6,207ft) above sea level. On the Omani side, the

mountain is largely undeveloped, inaccessible, and far from any development, however on the United Arab Emirates side there has been a lot of development in recent years. A 20km (12mi) road has been built, which hairpins most of the way up the mountain on the United Arab Emirates side. Near the top of the road, there are parking places, food providers, toilets and a viewing platform. After a security checkpoint, the road continues up a few kilometers further to the world's longest zip-line and an Etisalat cell tower, as well as a large flat area used for outdoor shows and parking. New buildings are also being built along this road section, for use of the zip-line operating company.

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