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The Atlantic Ocean Road (Norwegian: Atlanterhavsveien) is an 8.3km long section of County Road 64 that runs through an archipelago in Eide and Averøy. It passes by Hustadvika, an unsheltered part of the Norwegian Sea, connecting the island of Averøy with the mainland and Romsdalshalvøya peninsula. It is built on several small islands and skerries, which are

connected by several causeways, viaducts and eight bridges—the most prominent being Storseisundet Bridge. The road has a width of 6.5m and a maximum gradient of eight percent. It consists of eight bridges and four resting places and viewpoints. Several tourist sites, including dining, fishing and scuba diving resorts, have been established on the islands. Along with the section from Vevang to Bud, the road has been designated one of 18 National Tourist Routes.

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Address: Atlanterhavsveien ,6530,Νορβηγία
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