29 + 324 / Bannock Pass

Bannock Pass is a high mountain pass in the Beaverhead Mountains. The pass lies on the Montana-Idaho border, at an elevation of 7,684 feet (2,342 m). It is crossed by a road (Idaho State Highway 29 and Montana Secondary Highway 324) from
Leadore, Idaho to Dillon, Montana. Bannock Pass should not be confused with the similarly named Bannack Pass, about 33 miles (53 km) to the southeast. Bannock Pass is named for the Bannock Native American people. In 1909 and 1910 the Gilmore and Pittsburgh Railroad was constructed through the area. In order to keep the grades manageable, the railroad used a switchback on each side of the ridge and bored a tunnel under the summit somewhat east of the current highway crossing. The railroad was abandoned in 1939.
Continental Divide Trail , Leadore, 83464, Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες
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