Tlacolula de Motamoros To San Juan Petlapa

Tlacolula de Motamoros To San Juan Petlapa. This is one of the most challenging and scenics routes in Mexico. Route ascends dramatically into the mountains towards Cuajimoloyas at 3170m in just 20klm. Rough paved road descends again to
Santo Domingo Xagacia at 1630m including other 3 nearby towns, and the road finally descends into the river of Yalalag at a minimum height of 850m, where an old arched bridge it’s located, not used anymore than pedestrians, south side a modern vehicle bridge bypass this historic bridge. From this point the road ascends to Hidalgo Yalalag at 1200m (historic mission place town) and continues winding and switchbacking in the river canyon to different towns as like San Melchor Bateza, Santo Tomas Lachitá, San Andrés Yaá, San Francisco Yatee and San Cristobal Lachirioag. This section of the road does over 40 switchbacks in just 10klm crossing a canyon. San Cristobal Lachirioag and San Idelfonso Villa Alta, both towns are next to other located at 1230m, continuing the route to San Juan, to road starts ascending doing a series of switchbacks though the towns of Santa María Temaxcalapa, Taguí and San Juan Yalahui, ascending up to a mountain pass of 2400m. Again, the road narrows down to San Juan Petlapa at 660m in just 10klm.
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