Zacate Grande To Tlanchinol

Zacate Grande To Tlanchinol. Spectacular views of Sierra Madre Oriental mountains with lush tropical jungle and forests. Plus on your experience numerous indigenous towns in the way. Starting at Zacate Grande (1.360m) the road descends to the canyon at
260m in Huatepango and gradually again ascends up the mountains at Tepehuacán, in a maximum elevation of 1.560. Again the road descends in Tamala to a river bed at 330m and again ascends the T juction of Mexico 105 at 1.540m. This road can be dangerous for presence of constant fog in rainy season or ice in winter. The road is popular among tourists, and there’s a popular resort hotel nearby for spiritual beliefs and meditation.
Hidalgo Otongo-Santa Ana De Allende , Μεξικό
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